You are worth the wait!

This is speaking from personal experience. Have you ever wondered why the man or woman that you love refuses to accept you or treat you as you see yourself?

I think the thing that I am afraid of when it comes to a relationship is the softness of my heart and the forgiveness of my spirit. It's almost a curse to know that because you are a loving person, someone will willingly take advantage of that. So they say we have to toughen up. No one wants a softie; men love the thrill of the chase and as women, we need to hold back just a little. Yet, for all the women who believe as I we should just love the person that we choose and make it a day right? You know love is giving, and it is a take, and it is my belief that when you are with your soul mate, those types of worries will not matter.

There will be mutual respect, love, worth, and dignity. You won't have to concern yourself with will he or she love me tomorrow because they or will. You will know. You won't have to fight; you won't have to hide, you not have to worry. It will be common respect for one another. You know when God is the center of everything, He makes it all possible. It's okay to fall in love, I solely believe that every man does NOT cheat, every man is NOT a dog, and there are STILL men who want the same things that we do, they desire to respect and treat their women with lots of love and honor. Here are some tips for knowing your worth and waiting for the right relationship:

1. Search for who you are.: Write down ten things that you love about yourself and on the back write down one thing that you wish you could change. Begin here by insisting that you give yourself a reality check.

2. Take one opportunity and change it.: The one thing that you do not like about yourself don't run from it, challenge those feelings, and then daily or weekly work on having a different viewpoint about it. To move forward, we must work on how we see that trait and then change our mindset about that negative by turning it into a positive

3. Journal.: Go out and invest in a breathtaking journal, one that reflects the person you want to be or were when you were at your happiest in life. I like the bigger ones with leather because it brings a sophisticated feeling to me when I write. I even have a special pen to encourage creativity for me. Whatever it is to generate feelings of safety, comfort, do it. Decorate it, purchase a colorful one, get one in your favorite color or choose one that has your favorite sayings or quotes. Own it and have fun.

4. Begin and end your day with self-reflective thoughts.: Thanking your God for waking you up while showing gratitude for keeping allowing your sleep to be sweet. Whatever it is, love on you, meditate and began a gratitude meditation session in a quiet place. Find things to be thankful for by building your hopes in becoming your greatest hope!

5. Be who you think you are.: Once you see yourself for who you are, and you begin to accept yourself for who you are, your mate will gravitate towards you. Why? Because you have allowed yourself to breathe and take your version of love. You are learning your worth, and you are determined to live this version of yourself authentically.

6. Don't be afraid of yourself, write down lots and lots of creative adjectives describing the beautiful person that you are and are becoming. Write complete statements of why you like yourself and why you are worth the wait for your perfect mate. For example, I am worth the wait because I love generously.

Secondly, you may say, I am worth the wait because I am spontaneous, and I have a lot to offer my mate. Finally, learn the importance of being gentle with yourself because we all need a break. We all have days that we wish were not so bad. Give yourself a break and take yourself on a date. I mean, dress up, full makeup, and go to dinner and a movie. Your soul mate is there, just take your time, date a little, dream a little, and be happy. Your ideal relationship is waiting just promise me that you will not settle..

-Lisa IG: @d2dlife1

Originally written by me, Lisa Nobles on 11.5.2016