When did you stop dreaming? Three keys to revitalizing your life.

The past few weeks have taught me in-depth learning to finding value—specifically, life's value, in the unlikeliest places. Let's go.​​

Key number one is HOPE.

When you focus on life's value, you become hopeful. You begin to realize all your opportunities versus your disappointments. You are grateful that you have made it thus far. Here you recognize what once connected you to life and are becoming excited about the newfound, for some, vitality that you are feeling. It may seem unfamiliar or foreign for some because you now see that you were stuck for far too long and are now ready to move on. You are finding value.

Key number two is Remembrance.

I've learned that sometimes it takes being at your lowest in preparation for striving to great and higher heights. Be honest with yourselves. In the P.I.T.'s (Place of Intended Trails) of life teaches you how to search for something way more valuable than the fulfillment of instant gratifying needs rights? When you reach this place, it becomes beneficial to remember who you were and where you need to go to continue to push forward. It will sometimes take being on your last leg to understand or remember self-value, worth, respect, and supplying the means for self-compassion. If you take the time to listen to yourselves, you may recall that the source of your happiness, outside of your higher power for most, was you. You once made you happy. You may have been at your most joyful when you were dreaming and planning. When you were fanaticizing about what it would feel like to reach that unfathomable goal. Remember. You were special. You are still remarkable. You are finding life's value.

Key number three is PURPOSE.

Just how many times has the subject of purpose been the topic of discussion this year alone? However, when finding value, you've remembered how much joy it brought you to create that new project, to believe again in something other than yourselves. To wish upon a star, and metaphorically, have those dreams come true. The reconnecting of your purpose at this stage encourages you to not give up on anything, but most importantly, not give up on yourself. Now, you are revitalized enough to redefine your lives and personal mission. Begin today in taking a retrospective look at what is essential and valuable other than superficial and momentary instances. Finding life's value…..

Key number four is REGRETS.

Key number four and your last key for today is facing your regrets. Boy, this is a good one. During my season, I found out that I have lived a lot of my life, fooling myself into thinking that I did not have any regrets but maybe one. The lies in which we tell ourselves. This season has taught me so much about my life, thinking patterns, advantages, and journey. I have more regrets than I gave myself credit for. And now, I am not ashamed of those missed opportunities as much as what those missing pieces of my life puzzle have taught me. Listen, family, you won't always have it all together, and you know what else? If you live with hidden regrets, they will S.T.O.P. (Slowly Tap Out on Purpose) you one day.

You see, as people, we get hung up on hurts and pains. I've recently realized that you avoid admitting to yourself your regrets from some of those missed opportunities or terrible relationship outcomes, Because they are mostly connected to painful experiences, for example. Yet, what happens when you face your regrets? For some, you will experience an in-depth version of emotional and spiritual freedom (for some) that is incomparable to anything you have experienced. You will learn that as you become peaceful because of facing your regrets, feelings like resentment will subside.

Now, how do all these keys relate to our subject? You are now ready to begin dreaming again. Because you have taken steps to remove emotional and physical (for some) blocks that secretly (for some) hindered your growth and development, you realize that you are a survivor of your "emotional train wreck." My advice, defeat yourself by just dealing with the challenging issues so that you can appreciate all that life has to offer. You are not washed up. You can still make a difference. Just be the difference within your own life and start DREAMING (with action) AGAIN!!


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P.S.: Do not look away. Eyes forward please. #mirrortalk!!!!!