This is just a TEST! THIS_IS_JUST_A_TEST!!

Welp. As I usually do, I always test my speakers and headphones before recording my podcast as we all do, right? I recite my opening spill until I get to the part right about where I say.......

"Today, our topic consists of." And then immediately followed that phase of verbiage with "this is just a test; this is just a test. End recording, and press play for the playback. What am I listening for? Well, the sound of my voice, is my pitch too high or low? Do I sound as if I am speaking in a monotone voice? Can my intended message be well received? And most importantly, I do not only listen for my pronunciation, yet am I speaking clearly and concisely. Well, this one day, I was having challenges beyond my usual or reasonable difficulties. And that day, I had a guest, no doubt. Funny right? I was trying quickly to figure out what the problem was. Was it my system, my speakers, or my headset? Why can't I solve this issue, which lasted over thirty minutes? I was feeling the pressure. I begin thinking maybe it will be best to reschedule. And then I stopped and told myself, I am going to give this one more run, and by now,

I only had fifteen minutes before I had to call my guest; nonetheless, I usually call them fifteen minutes or so before the beginning of the recording. As I did my typical spill, and as I came to the point where I am about to exclaim this is just a test, I noticed I unconsciously said it differently than usual. I usually say both phrases quickly and hurriedly so I can press replay. This Time when I got to the second phase of this is just a test. I said This_is_Just_a_Test. Instantly, my unasked question was answered, which revealed, I had had enough, I was tired, and I was ready to move on to the phase of the show. I had, had it with this equipment for the day, right? But I learned a most valuable lesson, and I knew that day, that one day, I would write a story for this topic. You see family, sometimes when you are building your dreams, you have tried repeatedly. And yet, you failed miserably.

Over and over, and over again, you've given your all, you've given your best, and however, to your surprise, you too have or had become tired, overwhelmed, discoursed, and in a sense, you gave up. You did not move to the next phase of dream manifestation because you hit a brick wall, and you feel as though you have gone as far as you have gone and with nothing else left to do but tuck your dream away. I am Ms. Lisa Nobles, the C.E.O. & Founder of Empowered Women of Faith & Purpose. I am here to share a part of my journey of how I have lived out loud and why I choose to become a co-author of this fantastic book, which is designed to empower and encourage women and others in general on how to live their life authentically and courageously. My chapter which is entitled Empowered Women of Faith & Purpose Inc briefly describes the beginning stages and the background for creating EWOFP. And what I am here to share with you today is an intricate and most valuable discovery;

I have failed more times than I care to mention with this entity. But I knew I had to keep going. There were days when I did not know which way was up or down. There were many days since 2010 when I doubted myself, my abilities, my team, my recipients, and my purpose. There were times that I questioned God's will for allowing me to birth such a project because I felt so overwhelmed at times to I even resented God Himself. Then one day, God allowed me to prepare to write another book that I have not published yet, Awaken My Sister, Awaken My Friend, Your Best is Yet to Come in which I realized what all of those hard times truly meant. You see I have learned. I have wept. And I have realized. The past few years had taught me about honesty. They have shown me the revelations of humility. This Time has restored in me a sense of self. This journey, this P.I.T. (Place of intended trials) of emotional turmoil. Has taught me the sanctities of empowerment, faith, and purpose. Thereby, in sharing this story to solely express that my life reflects an affluence amount of success. Would deny others the opportunity to meet healing.

This would deny others the chance to face their fears. And learning the invaluable lesson for overcoming them. This would also deny others hope of finding the tantalizing truths of worldly challenges. And yet, it is within the earnest of times when facing yourselves becomes the most significant achievement. Why? Because too, I am the mother. I am the worker, the daughter, and the artwork for an unsatisfied version of lost hope. I am a sister. And by right, I too, am the friend. YES, I am a remarkable distortion of my best self. Even so, when all else fails or arises, I am Awaken My Sister, Awaken My Friend: Your Best is Yet to Come. I am an empowered woman of faith & purpose….

Key number one: Reinvent

I am just not encouraging you to recreate the wheel here. And I am not speaking only about reinventing yourselves from the Perspective of buying new clothes, getting a new hairstyle, or even purchasing a new wardrobe. Those are superficial alternatives. Here, only you know what was put in your heart to begin and birth your dream—only you. Because you know why, only you can tuck it away because you've lost confidence, see, formula 409 was named 409 for a reason. The creators of this product called this household item 409 because it was not until the 409th try in which they found the perfect formula that would ultimately become a billion-dollar idea.

See, all I am saying is you can have an idea and a good plan that you are incredibly confident that it will be the next big idea and fail miserably. Thus, I need you to reinvent. I need you to restructure. I need you to reinvest your Time. I need you to redo your plan. I need you to re-believe in yourself. And I need you to replay the process and replace it if necessary. Reorganized the order in which you felt would be the winning formula and retry the plan again. For example, try phase three as phase one, then replace stage thirty with step fifteen. You get the picture. Redesign your dream by coming up with multiple ways in which your plan will work successfully. And let me tell you, that may mean even after you have initiated the procedure, you will still need to cultivate and nurture your processes.

Key number two: Perspective

What does it mean to have Perspective? Perspective is your understanding, your viewpoint, your outlook, or your stance. Yet, here's the deal. You have your plan. Now let's prep. I am encouraging you to have patience. I believe that you need to have a positive mindset. You might even need a partner. a go-to person, a confidant.

A best friend. I am encouraging you to portray that you are and can become a success until you have convinced other people that your idea is valuable, BUT, that you are convincing YOURSELVES of your invaluable worth. You are priceless. Become proud of yourselves and what you have accomplished thus far. I am asking you to stay in a proactive state over-reactive where you are overexerting yourselves, or you become overwhelmed. Lastly, I am encouraging you to find peace within this process because everything great takes time. You cannot skip any detail.

Key number three consists of Backing Away

Yep, I need you to back away from your project momentarily. Over the years, with EWOFP, there were two times precisely in which I can recall that I did not write on that wall for months. You see, I was at a standstill. I was in a P.I.T. (Place of intended trials). I STOPPED (slowly tapped out on purpose), and this was when I begin to question the Alpha and Omega, yeah, I did, not one of my finest moments mind you.

But we are being real today. I had mad resentment plus all these other responsibilities. I was overwhelmed. Thereby, I need you to question your personal beliefs about why you began this project. I need you to analyze how and why your intended audiences will benefit from this project. I had a coach tell me in the beginning stages of EWOFP, that there is someone out there waiting for your dream to manifest. B.A.M.! I need you to understand that your displayed version of your greater self will be breathtaking for the person in who is yet to realize that the birth of your purpose is the answer to their question. Come on now. I am encouraging you to find balance. And lastly, give yourselves a big fat BRAVO! And realize that you are brave enough to take a chance on yourself. Yeah, it's purpose time.

Key number four consists of FEAR. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Well here's another concept that my original minister. Dr. Tony Roach use to prime into our heads. He would always teach us that fear is merely false evidence appearing real. Well, Ms. Lisa, what is the false evidence? Glad you asked. Because I have already shared it with you. You are not good enough, you are worthless, who told you that you could work on a dream of that magnitude? You are inconsistent, in component, irresponsible, and you cannot spell for crap. Okay, enough of that. Now view my video on mindset. Ha. Fear is a natural reoccurring piece of the process for creatives. If you are not fearful, it is what you should be afraid of.

Fear can be a useful tool because you can utilize that to motivate you to prove yourselves and others wrong. Because in all actuality, if you were not meant to birth this purpose, simply put, God would not have given it to you. So! I need you to be flexible with yourselves and realize you can achieve what you put your mind to. I need you to have a little bit of faith. All you need is a mustard seed. I am encouraging you to give yourselves the freedom to create and make mistakes. I need you to fantasize about what it is going to be like when all of your plans come together. Lastly, I need you to fight for your right to be you.

Key number five consists of Time

This concept I learned at Minda Street also from one of the elder brothers Freddy Famble. He was our chorus director. He would open the session by reminding us that all it takes to be a part of our group was time and desire. When you are on fire for what is burning within your soul, you will find the time. It's kind of like the ole' cliché of if a man wants a woman, he will find the time to be with her right? Welp, we all do. Do you love this dream? You said God gave it to you? What are you waiting for? Okay, here I go, self-concept. Low self-esteem will have you undervaluing your abilities, and you will begin finding time for everything else except building the life of your dreams. Here I go again; I am encouraging you to share your idea with a trusted friend and generate some new ideas. I am inviting you to remember that you may have to prepare to devote a tremendous amount of time to make your dream work. It is okay to allow someone else to teach you something.

I always advocate that I am a sponge and I love soaking up new learnings. Realize that you are talented, and you need to keep thriving. When you feel like giving up, try again. Trust the process and know your time to shine is coming. Lastly, be thankful that God thought enough of you to put His plan for your life in motion. You have what it takes, and you can be triumphant. Remember that when your strength is exhausted, and you are just about to tuck that dream away, as a result of "this_is_ just_a_test, these keys presented today of reinvention, checking your perspective, backing away, overcoming fear, and time plus your desire will help you not_to_Give_Up_on_Your_Dreams and to remind you to live out loud boldly. This book is filled with thirty-plus amazing women with stories designed to enrich your soul. Bye-bye, and I will see you next time. View the book on Amazon: I AM Living OUT Loud See you on the other side

-Lisa Nobles

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