Even when it’s over learn the importance of keeping your smile because you must know that your blessing is on the way! What is for you is for you. What was or is meant to be is yours for the taking.

You know it. Forgiveness is a lifelong issue that millions struggle with sometimes daily. The sad part is, the lack of forgiveness cost, will always outweigh the loss of broken critical relationships which by far imprisons our hearts and minds. Refusing to forgive is like, a disease that has no cure. Slowly it destroys our vital organs. The organ of our heart and the organ of our brain have spiritual and emotional functionality. And most importantly the organ of our minds. ​ What does forgiveness mean to you? Would you be able to recognize it if it was staring you right in the face? Well, take a long look in the mirror. Not forgiving others occurs more times than not. Even at the expense of our very own sanity. Question? Do you have an unforgiving heart?.

Key number one: Searching yourself.

Take a close look at your motives and intentions. Because at the end of the day, you said that you forgave him or her and them. But you are avoiding conversations and interactions with the person. You speak poorly of them. Your thoughts are no longer empowering toward that relationship. The solution here is, to be honest with you. Stop and think of the good times that you use to have. You may have to show compassion to the person who hurt you. Lastly, stop depending on yourself to better your relationships. Depend on Christ.

Key number two: Consider how this situation has caused you to become mentally or physically afflicted.

Do you feel anxiety toward the other person? When we do not forgive, we limit the working hands of God in our lives. In some cases, it is the person that you love immensely. Yet you are allowing a silly disagreement to overcome your rational thinking. Key number three: Stop self-blaming. Stop blaming yourself for the actions of others. Start inviting peace into your life. Realize that this is a season in your life that will require in some cases spiritual maturity. When you do this, you open God's continual supply of His eternal blessings into your life. You break the chains of strongholds when you let go and let God. When we practice forgiveness, we are taking refuge in God’s loving arms of compassion.

We lay our heads on His chest of grace. And then we are sustained by His eternal mercy. Finally, don’t allow satan to make you believe that it is better to be without someone you truly loved because you went through the troubled water. Affirmation for today. All I care about in this season of my life is visiting my past, gathering the self-acceptance that is needed, and then moving on. My closure will exist by resolving the heartache, forgiving myself and others, and moving on. My objective is to accept God's concept of grace and open myself up to what God has for me. I invite individuals who are willing to practice forgiveness. I can move on by demonstrating forgiveness which equals emotional and spiritual freedom. Until next time.

-Lisa @d2dlife1