Our Reasons.....

Tonight let's kind of focus on LIFE, and the reason God gave it to us...How important is it to live and let live? When we are going through things, do we give it to Him or hold it all in?

There are so many people hurting, needing and wanting more out of life, but don't know how to go about it to get it....How do we as fellow Christians help us to see that God is all we really need. I mean what do we say to the woman who is broken by the cowardly man, or the one whom always want to find something wrong with the other person because they can't consider that once they were in a place as well. Keep pointing the finger, keep pushing the envelope, keep striving to put others down oh no they aren't worthy because she was the adulteress or he doesn't want forgiveness because he did drugs, or better yet, I remember when they did???? I ask, what is life, it is but a vapor, isn't that what the word of God says?

So why? Our children should give us that reason, our family should give us that reason,... OUR GOD SHOULD BE OUR REASON, our OWN PAST MISTAKES should give us that reason, to be able to give us grace and mercy, but it doesn't because we have to hold on to what others do, to prove what WE WISH WE should have done or didn't do because......... As long as we point the finger, as long as we refuse to help, as long as we not trust in Christ, we will continue to lose the battle to Satan and his angels, because at the end of the day, it is what it is, and the same ones proclaiming to others to LET IT GO, YOU LET IT GO, someone in our circle took their own life today, we ask our kinds not to bully, not to taunt, not to etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, but yet, we can't let it go!!!

This is what we are teaching our children unconsciously, OUR past creates our present, our future is how we have chosen to react to it.. someone took their life today. How many of us choose not to judge their past, but wanted to help them to impact their future? So I ask, is or was their past or present mistakes or choices all that important today as they were yesterday, a year ago, a month ago, NO, because it really was never all that important in the first place but to them, maybe, just maybe, although mistakes, it was all they deemed they had to hold on to. Someone took their life today.... how can we strive to save or help the next person who is convinced that, that is their last resort???