No Apologies Needed...

GOOOOD AFTERNOON PEOPLE! And I do mean not allow anyone to put or force their brand of misconception of who you were, has been, tried not to be but did it anyway on YOU!

Authenticity means being true to God first, secondly to yourself.

1. KNOW WHO YOU ARE..stop them at the door with indirect or direct comments that serve no purpose. Let yourself breathe, you cannot do that with people holding you to something God has or is in the process of delivering you from. WE all have sinned and fallen short.

2. MY GOD when you are surrounded by TRULY loving people who have your BEST interest! They are patient with you, loving towards you; they can see PASS your past and know that you can overcome and have. Others that TRULY care for you is not going to be busy striving to keep you down because a person who is a stepper, they bring others with them and that is why they are so blessed! COME ON SOME BODY-SELF LOVE IS OUR FOCUS THIS MONTH.

3. There are a lot of hurting and tired people in the world, and I get that. However do not allow self-sabotaging relationships keep you in bondage. REFUSE TO GO THERE. WHO are they to speak spiritual malnutrition over your life, true followers of Christ-THEY SPEAK LIFE. Even in the midst, they will say my brother, my sister you can do it. ​

4. It was bad at one time, you failed miserably but I have been there, and you will get through this. I am your sideline cheerleader, and when you feel like you cannot get back up, call on God first, and then call me, I will be there. When others love you, they see the best in you and EXPECT the best from you; because that is no more of self-expectancy!

-Lisa IG: @d2dlife1

[originally written 11.5.2016]