I want to take a minute and place a word upon our minds that I believe should be a more positive attribute to our thinking than the negative. The term is TRANSITION!

The term is TRANSITION! It's no doubt that a lot of us may be going through a TRANSITION period in our life that has caused us to have to regroup, start over or even distance ourselves from people, places, or things that may have or are an impediment to our progression...and that's fine.

We need to know what and who they are. And Sometimes the TRANSITION may come easy, or it may be a bit difficult at times,' BUT I want to encourage each of you to look at the PURPOSE of the TRANSITION {in your lives} Is an invitation from GOD to come a little closer to Him! Often, God places us in a TRANSITION period to CLEANSE UP not to STRESS US, but we look at that moment through our own eyes and not through GOD's as he intends for us to, and we lose focus. Keep in mind that God will not place anything on you that you can't bear.

When you get what God promises, you forget how to be faithful, and when you forget how to be faithful, you lose focus of the fact that He's BEEN carrying keep jumping out of His arms. BE STILL!!! He is trying to take you through the transition to the place you need to be, but He can ONLY do it if you see as He sees and holds ON!!! Let's go! Let's GROW!!

-Lisa @d2dlife1