Navigate Your Business Like a Boss in 2018!

3 Keys to Creating or Maintaining a Successful Business in 2018.

Businesses of every type, need a business plan. Don’t think you can skip this critical step because you offer a service instead of a physical product or both.

Every business can benefit from a business plan.

Key number one is "sharpen your focus."

When you create a business plan you need to focus on the reasons for the business: Who do you want to serve? What do you want to provide? When do you want to start? Where will you set up shop? Why do you want to start such an endeavor? How will you meld all these things together to create a prosperous business? These are the primary reasons why you’re going into business, and they should always be at the forefront of your mind when making decisions.

Key number two is having and developing a "plan of action."

Think of your business plan as a mountain. Your mission statement is at the base of the hill while your big dream is at its peak. Everything in between is what you need to plan, and these steps should also be incorporated into a business plan. What products do you want to create? How often do you want to produce a product? How can you implement some passive income or affiliate income into your business? Are there any speaking engagements or online summit opportunities that will expand your reach and your followers?

Key number three is "taking action."

This is where your planning steps are broken down into smaller, actionable steps. Instead of just saying I want to write a book, break the process down further. How much time can you dedicate each day to writing? Do you want to self-publish or find a publisher? You’ll need to hire an editor and someone to design the cover. These are actionable steps that can easily be crossed off your to-do list once completed.

-Lisa @d2dlife1