Kindness Revolution?

Imagine what if one by one we walked out and said, I'm a part of a KINDNESS REVOLUTION? Nothing in a child of God's life is accidental, it is providential, God will bring us together to weave our purpose together.

God places people in our path for His purpose, in order that we may do the dog-on thing!! God may put someone in our way to give to, in order for us to do an act of kindness, WILL WE SEIZE IT? ​

Oh women of God, do we realize how much this world would be transformed, if just the people, just US decided that we are going to be transformation vehicles of kindness and Love? So how are we going to show compassion? By building our lives through Christ by coming to a servant of Christ. 2 Cor 2:1

Be blessed today family, EWOFP

-Lisa ​ FB: @ewofp

Originally written by me, Lisa Nobles, on 11.5.2016