Just who do you think you are?

Do you have an answer?

Just who do you think you are? I mean, who does she think she is? Women, why do we feel the need to compete with one another?

Just who do you think you are? I mean, who does she think she is? Women, why do we feel the need to compete with one another? Why do we feel the need to remove someone else shine to make ourselves feel better concerning the void that we hold in our hearts? Allow me to share a story about two good friends. Sally was overweight, yet she always walks as if she has it all together. Meaning, in many areas of her life, she does. She takes care of her children exceptionally, her mate, and loves her job as she is a dedicated worker. She has a co-worker that is her best girlfriend, and although busy, they hardly get to hang out as much as they would like. You understand, girls afternoon out, going to get their nails and feet done and sharing girl talk. Her friend was working on herself inwardly.

Although she had just gotten out of a horrific relationship, Alissa was dedicated to working on herself even though she knew she would have to be committed to transforming over time. Alissa what not perfect by any means. However, she was willing to be accountable for her terrible relationship choices. Although she looked up to her dear friend Sally, she knew that something was wrong she just could not put her finger on it. Alissa's best friend, who had everything, was secretly stabbing her in her back. Sally was stealing money from Alissa and large amounts. She was committing insurance fraud as well. Little did she know, Sally was on the brink of going to jail as a result. Hurt and discussed, Alissa yet again had to deal with the betrayal of a friend, a sister a co-worker.

She loved her friend and for the God of here could not come to terms of why her friend would do so this to here. How did Sally allow her life problems to become Alissa cost? Sally justified her behavior with the reasoning of why it was essential to continue to steal her money, yet, it was not morally right. My sisters, why do we feel the need to replace our voids and voices with those of shade or hatred towards those that we love most. Nevertheless, giving to other women through empowerment tactics is one of the best ways to show love and consistency.

Allow me to love you with five empowerment tactics that reflect your inner love:

1. You let your light shine through unconsciously, requiring that others around you shine naturally, too.

2. You do not mind stopping, in your day, to make sure that your sister, friends, or stranger smiles through sharing your smile.

3. You do not mind sharing life lessons with others as it is your passion to give back to yourself through investing empowering moments into the lives of others.

4. You get it. You are in the process of mastering the importance of being and remaining true to yourself. You also understand the importance of who is in your circle.

5. You find value in self-love, worth, respect, and you walk in dignity. You are an Empowered Woman of Faith & Purpose, and you wear it well. Oh, one more thing. Avoid drama at all costs.

-Lisa @d2dlife1