To infinity and beyond

Forgiveness is a lifelong issue that millions struggle with sometimes daily. The sad part is, the lack of forgiveness cost, will always outweigh the loss of broken critical relationships which by far imprisons our hearts and minds.

It's funny being in love. I mean that emotional bridge of beauty, wow, it's magnificent. The things we do, the things that we take, we tell ourselves, oh, okay it will get better next time. You see, that's what love is. It's always better the next time. It is in the making up, as it is in the fighting; it's the going back and forth while striving to understand the other person. Sometimes it is in the fight that will consist of one fighting within themselves. It's in the hope of all hope that maybe the next time a better decision will be made.

However, it's also in the letting go. Even when you have said it a hundred and one times, I am not going back, nor am I leaving. To love and experience true agape love. It involves, "letting go." See with letting go, there is pain, hurt, and suffering. I mean who in their right minds want to suffer and cause self-inflicted pain? We take what we do not want to take, endure what we would not normally endure, and cry when we would not normally cry. That's the bout of love.

To love and to have experienced it; even within its own wrongful or rightful intentions, to love is to have lived, as to live is to have loved. I look at love the way some look at life. Love has to be accepted; AS WELL AS sometimes love has to be rejected. The only way to accomplish the purity of love is to have experienced the essence of its nature....INFINITY!

-Lisa @d2dlife1