In Time

Even when it’s over learn the importance of keeping your smile because you must know that your blessing is on the way! What is for you is for you. What was or is meant to be is yours for the taking.

No matter the hurt, love through that because the secret is, God has better for you right on the other side of that experience. Not all pain is meant for your demise nor is hurt meant to break you into a million pieces without an apparent reason. Sometimes the learning is found in the rebuilding process. You see, often that is part of the circumstance that we tend to run from because as mentioned in my book [FAITH; For All I Trust Him], we want to avoid anything that will make us accountable to the role in which we played in our outcomes. Hey, not all of it was your fault. What is your responsibility? Learning how to move on and not allowing the experience to hold you, hostage, to your past?

You need to recognize the relevance of moving on because you will remain captive when you avoid taking appropriate steps toward a hopeful future. Once again, we all have a variety of processes that we take to help us through our trying times. In those processes, many may lead you to have to re-glue your emotional pieces back together repeatedly; until what was meant to be, that special part of you, sticks! So, no I am not saying that all breakups, misunderstandings, or situations, that you cannot ever return to or that you must get over and quickly move on. What I am saying is that life is not fair! Get over it! Life will not always give you the type of tea that you make yourself at night to keep yourself warm and cozy!

Life will hand you rocks instead of roses and sometimes hate instead of gems! What I am saying is that during the process of your road toward a better life recognize that you don’t have to have it all together to move on. You don’t have to have it all together to create meaningful experiences that will replace those stone-cold moments of life. What I want you to do is pray through those times. Decide that you will be okay ‘in time’ and stand up for what you believe will help you through tough situations.

Stay in the moment, briefly, and allow yourself to grow through your hurts and pains. Guess what? When you do the gift that is waiting on the other side will supersede any other gift that anyone can give you — a tremendous amount of self-love, esteem, and worth. Because ‘in time’ everything works out how it is meant to in the end…… Until next time, I will write to you again --‘in time’.... See you next time,

-Lisa @d2dlife1