How to WIN in your BUSINESS..

I was having a conversation with a business prospect the other day and during that conversation, I remembered some of my favorite key business practices that helped me build EWOFP's Facebook fan page.

Those tips are instrumental in that they are applicable in all business building adventures. How exciting right? Therefore, I decided to take a moment and share them with you. Now let's dive in.

#5 Consistency:

Building any business takes time and it takes consistency. Challenges will be waiting around the corner. However to overcome those obstacles we must strive to be as consistent as possible. What does that look like you might ask? Plan out your business. Plan out your weeks and your days. From forming and creating your "web-site" to adding weekly new and fresh content to your blog takes planning. If you are short on time why not dedicate thirty to sixty minutes three to four times a week for planning and consistency. Building a business should be fun and not overly complicated. Thereby taking the time to plan the fun things will make the not so fun things in the business building that much more worthwhile. What are a few downsides to building a business? Lack of trust in your ability, no outside support, self-doubt, and even fear of failure.

YET, although those downsides exist, you can overcome them by adjusting your outlook! Yeah, BABY. Adjusting your outlook through tenacious acts and positive thinking will encourage your growth and development. There will be good days and bad days. On the not so good days, remember all of the small things that make your business special. Remember the small tasks that were accomplished for that day. Remember your purpose and mission. At the end of the day, it takes tenancy and a positive outlook. And when all things feel lost, pick yourself up and try again tomorrow.

# 4 Building A Support System:

As previously mentioned, there will days full of self-doubt and times where you are going to think, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?" It is in those moments that your purpose will continue to emerge its perfect little head. You will feel like you don't know what you are doing because a new piece of your business is confusing to implement. However, the tenancy will help your purpose to become fulfilled. You must surround yourself with a group of awesome people that will encourage, activate, motivate, and inspire you to become a better you. As you invest the same in your tribe, clarity will remind you of your "why." Why you begun your business. Why it is important. It will be important to the person that is praying to have an encounter with your talent, abilities, skill, and personality. That is WHY you must surround yourself with others "why" that have some of the core qualities and distinctive attributes as you. They will encourage you to keep going. That's a why. They will remind you of the uniqueness of your product. That's another why. Most importantly, they will remind you of your special gift which inspires others, your heart for your business. That is a great why.

#3 Collaborative Referrals:

Having a tribe of fantastic people surrounding you, such as yourself, will grow your business also. You all must make a commitment to growing one another. How do you do that? Commit to becoming socially engaging. One way to do that is by sharing each others content. Beneficial content that is. :O). Share, share, and share away! Retweet, and share each other's Facebook pages, love on Instagram, and/or subscribe to one another's YouTube channel. Are you getting this? What is another benefit of doing so? It creates comradery, cohesion, support, and strong interpersonal bonds. What a greater way of demonstrating loyalty other than by being committed to your tribe. Commit to learning from each other. This will breed appreciation and bring value to your environment. Once a combination of these tips in this area is completed. You will see your tribe beginning to refer others to you. They will encourage their followers, friends, and family to follow your content. Before you know it, all of you will be in the abyss of business heaven.

#2 Desire:

As previously mentioned, time is an intricate piece of your business that is undeniably important. However, not only is time important, desire is of the utmost importance. All of these keys prove that you desire to follow your heart, increase your passion and all while striving to help others. What better way of building a company then this? You must understand that to build a business that will engage your fans, future customers, and aid in building success within your business, take's desire and time. Do not try to rush the process. Building a business is just like building a house. It begins with a foundation. That foundation is at the heart of your passion. Therefore push forward in creating the life of your dreams. Finally

#1 Automation:

Every business has a niche, a sparkle at the base of the business. These special tools are what will help make your dream functional. One of my favorites is Here are a few benefits for utilizing their product. The free version allows you to manage up to five social media platforms at once. Here are a few benefits for adding automation to your business model. o It is fast, easy and convenient. They have a free model. o Brand expansion o Auto-schedule individual post for optimal impact o Provides insights for your business o Create campaigns for your business o Grow your fan base effortlessly o Generate new leads o Provides analysis of your business ​ These are just a few of my favorite secrets that I have utilized over the years. Please feel free to share, like and comment below. You goooo, Empowered Business Professional! See ya next time