Hey you.

Wake up SLEEPY head!

Awaken My Sister, Awaken, My Friend You are walking and living while wide "ASLEEP" through life. Wake up !!

You/WE have/had forgotten how to dream, and the potential of what will become of living your God-given talent and gifts should excite you. Upset over post verbiage, grammar; we should be upset over the lies we tell ourselves. Someone should be concerned that you have forgotten what it is like to live life because somewhere along the line, and experience scared you so badly, now all you unconsciously seeing is only hurt and pain.

WAKE UP. Ask God to heal you.

I had to and am still in the process because I decided that living my next level would be more rewarding than remaining in the race we call life. What I had to do was admit that I was hurting. I had to recognize that I was frustrated, and sometimes I did not always say the right or politically correct things. The Bible says weeping endures for a moment, but joy comes in the morning. I asked for forgiveness for the thought but not for having the thoughtfulness.

That was my truth, and why should I be upset because I had an emotion? A couple of things to consider:

1. If you are finding fault with everyone around you, RUN to the mirror QUICKLY and write down what you see in a journal.

2. If you are finding fault in every little thing in life, this is a clear indication that you are not happy with your life, a QUICK run to the MIRROR

3. WAKE UP you have emotionally tapped out on life

4. Face your truth in the mirror. Maybe it hurt you, perhaps you are afraid, or maybe you are just plain old tired?

5. Accept your truth. Say it with me, "IT'S ME!" You have a right to make a different thought, take a different path, and it is okay not always to like YOU. I had to tell myself, I am sick of YOU! When I began to notice truth, and then peace began to move back in.

6. Ask yourself for forgiveness FOR giving up on yourself. We become angry at ourselves for allowing others to hurt us. At least our conception of hurt and our view of pain. Sometimes it is best to accept the responsibility to move on. I became angry because I allowed someone to abuse me physically, and I lost myself in their ideas of who I should be. I then asked God to help me because I felt so alone. Daily I secretly asked myself to forgive myself until I began actually to believe it. It is a challenge, yet; I see the light, and God is sending beautiful people and experiences my way. I boldly accept it.

7. Ask the person to forgive you for having taken their brand of misery which they silently imposed on you, and YOU accepted it because YOU settled (even though they may be the entirely wrong one)

8. Remember it's YOU, not that it is your fault yet it was your choice to go or stay.

9. WAKE UP AND CHECK YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE. While YOU were preoccupied with your pain, YOU may have missed an EXTRAORDINARY message.

10. Ask God for forgiveness, and then do something special for yourself. I committed to stepping out of my comfort zone, and I wrote it down so that it would resonate with my spirit. I made a list of my goals and dreams.

Those goals were not like the other ones from years ago. I had a plan to date myself at least once a month. Take me out to eat, do something different, stop working to live, and live to work. Do you know what happens? It opened me up to the possibility of receiving my one true love potentially. These examples are relatively new. Therefore, what I am saying is, change your mindset. You can change your life. Oh yeah, just one more thing: Listen to a new song that is not in your usual genre, learn the words and sing it in the shower LOUDLY!

The trick is not to worry about how you sound, just as long as it makes you happy babies... You are more than enough... I encourage you to D.A.R.E. 2 DREAM! I love you whether anyone responds or not. Just know I love you, and you are not alone. YOU/WE can be revived from the/emotional grave of depravity and see that YOU/WE are worth living the life YOU/WE deserve. Let go of the hurt. It is a process but be willing to go through it so that you can become happy again.#livingmynextlevel #dare2dream. <3 ewofp

-Lisa @d2dlife1