G.E.T. U.P. !!

G.od E.levates T.hose U.nder P.ressure

I want YOU to know that I was on the LEDGE of spiritual depletion UNTIL God showed up and showed out!

How can one walk by faith in the transition of unadulterated sin, hurt, pain and misunderstandings, YET serve in a purpose WHILE having days wondering, "Lord do I have to be me!" Can you PLEASE make me SOMEBODY, I MEAN ANYBODY ELSE! Can I PLEASE have a do over! I am speaking to the person in which “your very being,” hurt so badly, but YOU FEEL NO pain! I am talking about that person where your heart was so broken that cutting you would not be an improvement.

I am speaking to the person that has allowed satan to penetrate and convince you that the God you serve has left you. A person who believes that you will never recover, there is no God, and you should just go away somewhere and leave everyone else alone. I am speaking to that person. I mean that if they tried to give you morphine, Tylenol three or any other magnificent physical pain reliever. The pain would still be there because after the entire VOID that you are striving to fill. Baby, is only filled through the working and trying of your FAITH! What I am saying is the pain you feel, is like you are in a boxing match! Taking and getting hit after hit, after hit, after hit and the very people you thought would be there for you……..

I want to speak to the mother who feels like life has constantly thrown her down; blow after blow, man after man, circumstance after circumstance and you are right on the edge. I am speaking to the one person who feels like you will not go another day; minute, moment or week feeling like your head will never get above water because it will. I mean, I am speaking to the person that deep down you know that the man is no good for you but because you love a man more than the God, you are sinking in sin! I mean a person who thinks that God will not provide!

DO YOU KNOW HIM WHEN YOU SEE HIM OR ARE YOU JUST GOING TO SIT THERE AND ALLOW, I MEAN LET YOURSELF DIE!!!!!!!!!! When you are on the ledge of self-loathing and smothering detainment and you have forgotten about all the times GOD NEVER LEFT YOU OR FORSAKE YOU. I mean can anybody understand that sometimes you have to take a chance in the midst of your hurt! I mean in the MIST of your brokenness, your craziness, your depression, your confessions, your sins, and your indignations. I am speaking to the people who think that just because you committed adultery in your life you will forever be marked by the scarlet letter of MAN, NOT the Man! I am speaking to the person who is living in sin, and you still feel like you cannot win. I am telling you I have BEEN THERE!

I am speaking to the person who feels as though what you have done; you will not survive the lashing of their tongues, the bitterness of the young or the depletion of your family and friends list. I am just saying, where you would be without the Lord. Right where you are now: devalued, disappointed, discouraged, disgraced, displaced, disillusioned, dishearten, dispirited, disliked, depressed, dejected, rejected, unaccepted, unprotected and JUST DISSED. I’m saying, when you are on that LEDGE of spiritual depletion UNTIL God shows up and shows out, GET UP! God Elevates Those Under Pressure!

What happens when the pot blows its lid, or too much air is put into a balloon? What’s ever holding that particular thing together will eventually… burst! When we burst, we are fed up; it provides a sign that we are done, finished, and over the top. We forget, there was something on the inside, which was so big that the current state of the outside could NO LONGER hold it! It could no longer CONTAIN the excess on the inside so that thing had no other choice but to let all of it out, in order to allow it to escape.

My question to you is, what it a purpose for escape or was it God who allowed the trying on your faith to prepare you to ELEVATE! I say again, GET UP!

When Christ was called to raise Lazarus from the dead, he INTENTIONALLY waited four days? The tradition was, after the third day, the sprite was confirmed as gone. Therefore, no one could elevate anyone after the fourth day! Oh, but I stopped by to tell you that it is all about you, and what God is striving to do within your life. GET UP!

I am saying that death and life are on the power of the tongue, SPEAK LIFE and GET UP!

What I am telling you that sometimes God will allow satan to take you there because where He is striving to take you, it is going to take PRESSURE for you to PASS THE test! I said GET UP!

I mean when times get rough, and you have had enough of that stuff, GET UP!

What I mean is when the bills are due, and you do not know what to do, GET UP!

I am striving to tell you; FAITH IS WALKING INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC BLINDFOLED telling FEAR it has to go. It’s your time, did you hear me, GET UP!

I am saying, the army of sin was there, un-forgiveness was there, disloyalty was there, absence of friends and family was there, backstabbers were there, and haters were waiting! I am saying has your situation ever been so bad that you were in the middle of all of those things and you felt so lost, so in despair, so unlovable! Your reflection transformed into the reflection of a faceless enemy! The refusal of the One true deliverer! BUT, as the story goes…. God cannot, and will not ELEVATE you unless you come from a place of brokenness, unworthiness, shame, dishonor, repentance; it is within that pit (place of intended trials) that we become at our most vulnerable.

A balloon cannot burst until it reaches its weakest and exposed place. See air, once placed in a balloon just proves that the air can take a form. However, you cannot see air unless it is contained within something that has a shape. Someone hears what I am expressing. If I have to be in the p.i.t. (place of intended trials) in order to GET UP (God Elevates Those Under Pressure). That would require an understanding that it was never about THE pressure! Nor was it about God missing a date that required Him not to be late! Nor was it about all those things that at this point did not matter! Nor did it make sense. It was all about God EXPOSING you in a situation that ONLY HE could or can deliver you.

It is about the fact that He will never leave or fake you, nor send a messenger to tell you that He was on His way. What God is striving to show us is, it is not about the ram or a bush. It is neither about the gains nor the push. It is not about Moses parting the red sea or that man telling you are meant to be. It was NEVER about the third day, but about the wait to see what the PRESSURE was to convey! It was never about the anger that appeared the mess that did adhere. It was never about the things that may even hinder you from passing that test. What God was showing you that when He does come, He comes at His best! On the fourth day, he came.

When momma, brother, sister, doctor, daughter, son, friend, enemy, job, or penny or penniless, He is coming! On the fourth day, HE CAME. He got up, He MOVED, and He came. He was ready; He was there, He knew what had to be done and what we miss on any given day is the importance of the presence of pressure. Its relevance is so significant that it must be there. I am saying that faith without works is dead and on the fourth day, Christ walked in after the pressure was so unbelievable. The pressure was heated; it had reached its boiling point; it was too much for one person to bear. It was undeniable, undesirable, unfathomable, and hot; it was exalted, faithlessness was there, hatred was there, the devil was even there.

The PRESSURE WAS THERE! Why? Because on the fourth day, Lazarus purpose was to……..GET UP! God Elevates Those Under Pressure!

Just remember, your trails are not yours, I am learning to embrace trials as gifts. They are meant and designed for you to give away. God thinks so much of you that he knew you would and could bear it. It trusts you so much that He knew that you would not let go. He understood that before the foundation of the world, He created someone so strong; He knew that by placing you in the pit, you would and will GET UP! Why? Because God Elevates Those Under Pressure!

-Lisa FB: @ewofp

[originally written on 11.8.2016]