Four Qualities of a FANTASTIC Leader

Self-confidence is not easy for everyone. Seemingly the disconnect is derived from our self-image.

1. A fantastic leader is self-confident.

Self-confidence is not easy for everyone. Seemingly the disconnect is derived from our self-image. At the end of the day, we lead through our perceptions, experiences, and how we see ourselves. In the twenty-first century, communication is the number one accessory for any great leader. Those elements include being or becoming an excellent listener, a person who serves in humility and leads through and by example and servitude. Being self-confident is authentically evaluating your beliefs, values, and attitudes about a variety of subjects. Being confident can mean being afraid to "act" yet "acting" courageously when we become afraid. Self-confidence is being committed to the betterment of others as well as ourselves. Investing time and building interpersonal bonds will make sure we as leaders continue to sharpen our effectiveness when it comes to growing and nurturing our teams.

2. A fantastic leader recreates his or her strongest qualities in others.

A fantastic leader, again, leads by example, yet there will be times that our examples will be in our challenges. Leaders are generally strong-willed people. However, great lessons can be displayed when we fail at somethings, sometimes. For our subordinates, it creates a sense that we are human and we too can experience moments of failure or mistakes. When fantastic leaders can confidently make a mistake, own up to that mistake and take action by overcoming the mistake instills strength in a team. It builds trust and generates respect for you as a fantastic leader. A fantastic leader will create their strongest qualities in others because a major part of growing a team is helping others ACHIEVE their dreams, desires, and goals. Taking small pieces of yourself and teaching someone else how to be great is admirable. Your teams will come to value your opinions, commit to your expectations and bond with you interpersonally. Relationships are the foundational principles that hold teams together.

3. A fantastic leader is not intimidated or intimidating.

A fantastic leader is self-confident, they recreate the best part of themselves in others and they are reassured of their abilities and talents. I had to learn the hard way of managing without being intimidating. Fantastic leaders have this. Any fantastic leader has made a blunder were they managed a little harshly or by the fist. However, fantastic leadership is humility at its finest. It creates a balance between being who you are and being who you need to be. It is personable, flexible, and consistent. Being a fantastic leader builds relationships and understands that not all working relationships will be workable. However, fantastic leaders will not distance themselves from others who think differently from them.

Fantastic leaders do not alienate the people they work with. They engage with them to build collaborative teams. Fantastic leaders don't take decisions personally and they understand that everyone has their own opinion. Not only do they have their opinion, fantastic leaders respect others choices because they value freedom of choice. They understand that a village is a village because it is created based on unique opinions and a variety of views. Why would you want a tribe that only thought like you? Fantastic leaders recreate greatness over and over again. Leaders don't dictate. They understand that this would suppress the creativity of the members of their teams. Thereby, the ultimate goal would be to empower others creative processes versus preventing them. Fantastic leaders can do this in many areas of leaderships effectively and efficiently because they understand that being a leader is not always easy, nor are they easily intimidated by others.

4. A fantastic leader collaborates.

Finally, a fantastic leader collaborates with others as their goal is the outcome. Not the right now but they pay close attention to those that they can build a greater world with. They are self-confident, they recreate great qualities in others, they are not intimidated, nor intimidating yet they are collaborators. They understand that it is not all about them. Unity is a good quality to invest in a team. Cohesiveness can make a team work even when they are tired and need rest.

Cohesivenesss will encourage a team to keep going even when they are worn out and need to stop. When teams feel a part of something greater than themselves they will break BARRIORS. BOOM! Fantastic leaders understand these types of elements when building a team. Fantastic leaders understand that it is not personal, it's about the goals, development and efforts of the team holistically. Fantastic leaders will show their softer and personal side slowly. Fantastic leaders are fair and will not isolate others that are different from them. In doing so, this allows others to contribute to the foundation of the team equally.

Eventually this type of leader builds commitment, and has a decrease in turnovers. Success is the name of the game therefore; fantastic leader’s objectives are the end results versus a temporary lapse in judgment. The team will display positive qualities. They will learn to build each another up. ​ This type of team will be happy, not perfect, yet happy. Their focus will be to make the customers happy and they will love to come to work. Another quality that a fantastic leader can give to his or her team is the opportunity to grow beyond what they could have ever imagined. Are you a fantastic leader?

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