Embracing The Journey

Let’s continue to take a deeper dive into the subject of broken and its connection to healing. By understanding that healing is a transformative process, you can begin to slowly become whole again.

Key number one Learn:

Learn how to be gentle and patient with yourselves while traveling your healing journey. Do not run from your brokenness; do not live in fear as you walk gently toward your healing destination. You see, during this process, you are learning how to come out of hiding by taking an authentic look at the real you to overcome what contributed to your hurtful experiences. The objective is to progress through life; however, you must learn that to experience healing, realize that it will not be instant nor a natural occurrence. Healing is a combination of continual and multifaceted processes.

Key number two is Relationships:

Remain calm because what I am about to say will blow your ideology. Stop running from the people, placings, and things that contributed to your hurt because you are avoiding relationships entirely for some of us. Listen to me. Healing involves relationships with friends, family, community, and your higher being, especially with the self. And at the very pit of those relationships are the needed characteristics to begin and maintain your healing. See, take advantage of this point right here. I am not saying to return to the person who harmed you the most. Stay engaged with those outside pertinent relationships because they can facilitate permanent and positive healing outcomes. Come on, somebody.

Key number three is Results :

As you evolve in your knowledge of self and connect to the significant relationships that matter most, you will begin to realize the meaning of yourself and life. You will have positive transformative experiences because, at this point, you are becoming whole again. Chile, your mental health improves as your life harmonizes with other facets of you that make you who you are. As you become whole again, it supports your reinterpretation of the event that initially caused you to become broken. Family, you have found a purpose or a sense of your purpose. See, everyone will experience reclaiming their authentic self. Yet, to reach that part of you, you must reclaim the authorship of your life narrative. For some, this will mean finding out who you currently are due to the emotional infraction. For others, you may reach your destination and discover how to remain balanced.

Here's your empowerment quote for today by ― Victor Frankl, who wrote "Man's Search for Meaning" and once stated that "suffering ceases to be suffering in some way, at the moment it finds a meaning." COME ON, SOMEBODY ****


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