Creating The Healing or Love Space

This segment is dedicated to sharing my perspective on creating a "healing" or "LOVE" space (F.A.I.T.H. where you can emotionally recover from the elements of life during your wholeness journey.

Key number one is Trajectory.

If you want to know how far you will go in life and into your future, you must embrace healing. You have to create an environment conducive to healing. One that invites healing qualities creates a physical and mental space where the cohesion of your mind and body intentionally behaves in a way directed toward well-being. Here you are learning how to gravitate to people, places, and things where you can openly express hopeful feelings, completeness, and opportunities to be open with yourselves and others—healing occurs through lifestyle changes and making healthy choices. Examples are eating healthy, relaxing, getting enough rest and sleep, and removing stress. Your intentions are inward expressions externally manifested through your words, thoughts, and deeds. Take time to pause and love yourself.

Key number two is Global.

It is past time to create within yourselves plus your environment of a globalized understanding that you must act with intention and purpose. What I mean by a globalized understanding is the acceptance that every facet of you must come into alignment. Whether that is spiritual, mental, or both, it is time to center yourselves and decide that change is preeminent. You see, if your intentions are flawed, complete healing will not occur. Your wholeness will not evolve, and you will remain in a state of brokenness. Yet fundamentally, for healing to happen in all areas of your life, the connections are between your intentions and are naturally conventional. Optimize your healing by accepting that there is a direct correlation between personal choices and healing. Because our behaviors, thoughts, actions, and reactions are directly tied to the body's ability to understand healing principles.

Key number three is Consciousness.

I spoke about mindfulness and acting with intention. Meaning staying self-aware of who you are. How you create your outlooks and plan for your future. Be aware of inclusivity by acknowledging that your life and self may be complex. Your mindset people are intricate to healing. How you process change, success, hurt, and painful experiences must be subjected to recovery. It may involve pausing so that you can cultivate healing within yourselves. It may mean learning how to embrace authentically caring for yourselves through honesty, accepting your truth, and learning from the insight gained from those past experiences. Somewhere along the line, you should be the beneficiary of your healing.

You deserve to be whole and complete. You deserve to pause and be kind and gentle with yourself. You deserve the give of life. Demonstrating healing qualities within yourselves and the world is actively sharing your deepest hopes, dreams, and beliefs by being inspired to change for the better. Actively create opportunities to become whole and complete, exemplified in the mind, body, and spirit. Studies show that prayer is an excellent segway to wholeness. Relationships with others are another segway to the whole, which I speak about in Broken part two.

Here's your empowerment quote for today by ― Brittany Burgunder, who believes that "You are allowed to let go of your past and the outdated stories that have become so familiar. It's okay, and even courageous, to close that chapter and move on.


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-Lisa Nobles

IG: @iamlisanobles