3 Keys in Creating a Positive Mindset...In Life & Business.

As business professionals, checking our mindsets is ultimately a dynamic tool. Mindsets are distinguishable outlooks that set us apart from the rest.

Reconstructing a mindset consists of adjusting a few simple basic perceptions to grow professionally and privately. Some of the fundamental principles of building a better business begin with our mindsets. It is in how we think, and in what we believe. Through discovering our core values provides direction towards living the life of our dreams which activates our purpose, motivate our passions and inspire us into living the next level in life.

Let's dive right into a few of these concepts:

1. Distance yourself from negative distractions.

WE are what we surround ourselves with. Has anyone ever asked you to name your five closet friends? When we challenge ourselves to do so, this help us to discover are our core thoughts, beliefs and values? How do they think? What are their beliefs? What are their values? Do they believe in empowerment and collaboration or too much leisure? Are they lackadaisical? Are they successful? Do they inspire you to be a better you? Do they challenge you to become all that you could be or do they hinder you? What are your conversations? What do you talk about? These are just a few questions that should challenge your thinking and understanding. You have to push yourself beyond your current circumstances. We do that by making sure that we surround ourselves with others who will push us to be more. Why? Because all of the qualities that you want are built into others who can inspire you to be all that you know that you can be. Food for thought sweetie, keeping it real.

2. Focus on what "could be" versus what "could have been."

Living in the past has never gotten anyone anywhere quickly. Unless you are striving to run away from it; in either case, let it go honey! However funny or true, living in our past is one thing, while revisiting it momentarily, is another. The point here is when we focus on our past for too long versus stopping by for a quick and short visit. We ultimately relive and justify the comfortably of the "could have been" instead of looking at the beauty of the "could be." Fear is the greatest theft of our dreams, desires, and goals.

The only way to overcome our past is by visiting there for our lessons but remembering not to stay there for to long. Visit for a short period, and then challenge yourself to move on. One reason we stay in our past is because the potential of our present is so big we run back to what made us comfortable. When in all actuality, if we break our future down into sizable, bite size goals, we will begin to embrace our infinite possibilities. My advice is to heal and move on yet use your past as an emotional tool for growth and development. Use it as fuel for your D.A.R.E. 2 Dream (Distinctive Attributes Requires Excellence) tank and then bless others in the process.

3. Forgive yourself and others for past and present mistakes.

Let's take a little deeper look at our past (momentarily of course). Not only are we afraid as briefly discussed in number two up above. We must challenge ourselves to break those negative emotional bonds. Yet sometimes our fears are still there because we left the negative version of forgiveness in our past. What happens now is un-forgiveness creates and contributes to bitterness and resentment. There are times in our lives where we think that we are afraid of our future when in all actuality could it be that we are truly afraid of ourselves; our future or present successes? Stop to think about how bright your future is and can be when we let go of the past negativity. What have you left in the past unresolved? Whether you forgave the other person or not have you considered forgiving yourself?

YOU are important to and at the end of the day; every circumstance in life involves a transition. There is no way around it. Where we may think that mindset is forgiving the other person and allowing ourselves to be emotionally free. Actually emotional freedom is not limited in those small things that eat away at our spirits which leads to emotional and spiritual demise. In any case if that role was you allowing someone to hurt you yet again, your mindset will remind you that you hurt yourself by not valuing you. Therefore forgiveness is in order ©. See ya next time. Please share this post!