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Why should I choose your business lab?

Suppose you are a person who struggles with self-discovery, acceptance, worth, and esteem. Then you've come to the right place! Once you discover my simple and proven process for finding ambition and awakening passion. You won't miss another opportunity to grow your business and strengthen your personal life. Not only that, you'll start gaining insight into your purpose. You will get tools that will lead to living a more extraordinary life of empowerment, faith, and purpose. -Lisa

Why did you choose D.A.R.E. 2 Dream as your name, and what does it stand for?

D.A.R.E. (Distinctive Attributes Requires Excellence) 2 Dream is a life skills program designed to activate, motivate and inspire others into reaching total fulfillment in life & business. Upon my Aunt's passing, one of the greatest lessons I learned from her is living your dream and not dying with it on the wall. She passed, and she left a picture of her dream home. Although she was well on her way to receive it, breast cancer got the best of her before it manifested.

The one of the only pieces of memorabilia that I took from her home was that picture of her dream that was left hanging on her bedroom wall. At that very moment, D.A.R.E 2 Dream was born. Sometimes our greatest pains are our hidden purposes. -Lisa ​

CLICK here: Aunt Bennie.

CLICK here: Aunt Bennie #2

Do you take payment plans for your paid services?

My programs are adequately priced, and I will not offer payment plans. For some programs, there will be offerings of trial periods at a comfortable pricing point. You will gain instant access and will be liable for the remaining balance. More information will be addressed on an individual basis if need be. You are offered exclusivity to forums, and private communities, particularly for all mastermind courses.

TPM The Professional Mindset: Business 101 E-Course:

The course is a four-week educational training that utilizes simple and effective business tools and techniques to aid students ranging from start-ups to the intermediate levels of their business journey whose desire is sustainability and longevity.

Will you offer memberships?

Yes! I will offer different levels of memberships extending over varying levels of time. Some courses will begin at one month others will advance further. As the site grows, so will other amenities. Ensure that you are signed up to receive my newsletter, which will keep you informed on all upcoming events. -Lisa