Good Morning Beautiful.

When you know what you know, you have to find peace in an uncomfortable situation. You have to know that you will not get through it until you realize that it is ONLY when you are in it that you must and will experience deliverance. Deliverance will not come when the storm passes or when it is over because we will not reach the destination to avoid the turbulence.

Think about the worst storm that you have ever been through or seen on the news. What is one of the first things that human nature tells us to do? Protect yourself. Run and hide in the safest place possible until when????? The storm passes. HAHA... I am speaking to myself this morning. I have to tell you, family, hiding during the storm, can be viewed as finding shelter. What is your protection? I dropped by to tell you that Jesus is the rock in the weary land.

He is the shelter in the time of the storm. I do not care if it is a celebrity with millions of dollars. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He owns all the silver and gold. When not careful, we will forget whose we are. We are children. God wants you to look to Him. He will not shine headlights on you or tailgate you or BULLY you. No, that IS NOT GOD. He says vengeance is mine; I shall repay, says the Lord. Therefore, what does or why would he need a common man to fight for HIM?

God is a just God. He is magnificent. He loves us so much that He reigns on the JUST AS WELL AS THE UNJUST because that is who He is. He does not throw you out or stop you from breathing. NO. God awaits our return to him. He is patient. He is merciful, kind, loving, and graceful. I am learning people who are afraid will do merciless things and claim it to be just. No, God waits for OUR return because of his LOVE for us!

Your past trials should make you sensitive, and submissive to God's word. It should bring humility. if it does not, then you should question your reflection in that mirror.

-Lisa @d2dlife1