Food for thought!

I am embracing that life is too short to be sitting around waiting, wishing, and hoping things would have worked out as you had hoped.

NO, No, life is all too precious! Thereby, when re-organizing that statement, it may need to read: Life is too short not to wait, as my deepest passions are BLOOMING as I had hoped. My dreams are coming through as I wished BY the practice of my faith. For years, I have allowed people's opinions to shape and mold my reality.

Do you know what follows? Your identity, you will start to believe the things that they are saying while denouncing your personal and unique God-given talents and gifts. As your soul continues to be slowly broken, you are left with a shell of a human being! Running around at the slightest things believing what the people say versus what God had reassured you about you. When this is done, you become a slave, yes I said it, a modern-day slave to satan's devices. Why? Because God gives us freedom, therefore, His wishes are not to enslave His people; He delivers them, us. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is COUNT up the cost as in doing so, you may discover: the change you were looking for requires a CHANGE OF HEART on your behalf.

One can have millions of dollars in the bank and still be a loser. Money and things do not make you, how you see yourself and WHAT you believe about yourself DOES! You reflect the total and the utter depiction of divinity plus PERFECTION, so remind me why you are settling again?... I pray you had a fantastic evening ...<3 <3

-Lisa @d2dlife1