For You.

To the love of my life, Giving "you" the best of me is a statement that is seemingly one of endearment.

To the love of my life,

Giving "you" the best of me is a statement that is seemingly one of endearment. A term that signifies the significance of total commitment to a partner, friend, and or other; one that says I am willing to show you just how important you are to me. And even though I will not settle in that expression of this love, I love you! Therefore, I am willing to share something that I only share with those that mean the world to me. It's a gift of sorts, for the need to wait until Christmas is not a requirement, for every day is Christmas within our home. You had shown me that even when I make mistakes, you have loved me through those, and I willing to forgive myself for the ill feelings that I once had.

I forgave myself for the resentment that led me to believe that I was unlovable and those times when I allowed my insecurities to ruin our relationship. I forgave myself as I took ownership of my past, present, and future life choices. I was learning to love myself, although myself, has been a challenge. In any case, you remained, and for your continued love, I love you is an understatement. Therefore, I will give you the best of me as a sign that I trust you with my unconditional love. It is a sign that I am taking ownership of my life's thoughts, choices, and experiences while allowing myself to love, feel, accept and experience actual vulnerability. It is a sign that I will no longer bow to excluding myself from the ability to love and accept you for who you are and who I am sometimes NOT.

Although, I am learning to love and accept MYSELF, for whom I am. I recognize my flaws, and I am eternally grateful for your patience. Truly baby, that is one of the qualities that I adore about you. I know that you love me without a doubt. SELF-LOVE! The only love, which consists of the re-issuance of a dose of unconditional love daily. For it is through loving the real you, supersedes any and every expectation that life presents. The only way that one may experience true and everlasting agape love is by KNOWING that we are created in the image and likeness of Christ. Therefore, daily as you have your "morning cup of spiritual coffee!" This moment in life equals our relationship with Christ. It is a sign that you are willing to give yourself time to recover from the previous day's trials or heartaches. You are willing to stop and say; I give "you" (me) the best of me.

See you next time,