Hey There Sleepy Head!! Wake UP..

You/WE have/had forgotten how to dream and the potential of what will become of living your God given talent and gifts should excite you. Upset over post verbiage, grammar; we should be upset over the lies we tell ourselves.

I wonder how a person feels that is on their dying bed, about to take their last breath, or a woman who is constantly being beaten and saved within inches of her life. How would they feel right now, in this very or that very moment? I do not know although, I do know about a God, who sits high, and He looks low and He tells us everything that we should know. I mean have you personally, ever hurt so bad that it was hard for you to even breathe? Have you hurt so bad that you wondered where God is and why would He allow me to go through this by myself?

In taking ownership, sometimes we fight battles that were not meant to be fought, at least not by us. Have you ever hurt so bad that even the onset of the next breathes numbs you like no other? What am I saying? As I looked in the mirror yesterday at my hurting and swollen eyes and I said, "today I cry it out because I know that tomorrow, oh tomorrow, God is already there." Yes, He was right there with me at that moment but for some unfathomable reason, LOL, I knew that everything was going to be okay! Even at the onset of an un-opportune time, God says that it is for OUR learning.

Today as my tears continue, I can find perfect rest in knowing that; we serve a God that supplies an abundance love, grace, and peace! We serve a God that soothes of our pain's in order to create in us a bigger, better and obedient people.​I see and saw the hurt in my own eyes as I analyzed the pain in a broken heart. Even though, this is what gives me the assurance of who God is. Through my tears, I found out the clarity of who He was, will be and has always been in my life. A chief cornerstone who is sitting, waiting and ready to give me and you what we need at any moment in our life challenges. See where people judge you, God justifies you. When people ostracize you, God draws us closer to Him.

When people leave you, God reveals that He is Your one true friend. We can rest in knowing that our identity is not found in people, places or things. Our identities are discovered, found and aligned through the reading of His word. Someone say's why are you naming your first book "From a place of Pain©?" Because it is WITHIN that moment that God performs His greatest operation, His most defining moment while crafting His unique person. It is in that pain where God and our vulnerabilities connect; it is in that pain that God sharpens our gifts and deepens our purpose while supplying our needs. I cannot say what today is going to bring. However, the one thing that I do know, it is within this pain that I am more assured of the undeserving love that Christ issues freely.

He adores me and you. He looks beyond MY FAULTS and SEES MY NEEDS. He will never leave me or forsake me; He loves me, oh yes He loves me at my best. BUT FAMILY, HE LOVES US EVEN MORE AT OUR WORST! Why? Where man looks at our outward appearance; He looks at the heart. Just know that this is for you, yes you, the one right there reading this! God is there! I write and share daily NOT BECAUSE you like me or you don't, or for neither popularity, nor do I do it because I always WANT to! I do it because a long time ago this Man, this Healer, this Comforter, a true Commander in chief, this Way maker, this Lover of my soul and Protector of my body and enhancer of my heart! This Man who died on the cross for my sins, for your sins...

Before the foundation of the world, THIS MAN PREDESTINED my purpose! Furthermore I find myself, DAILY, striving to live it, to obey it, to be perfected within it; to the best of my God-given abilities. Not perfect, just obedient. Some of God greatest desires for us are total submission and obedience. Are you looking for peace? There it is, in obedience and submission to Him. I love you; some of you may never hear that! I love you for a man or woman that you were, are and will become.​Why because I love myself, I love my pouty eyes, my imperfect hair, my flawed heart, my overbearing understand and my defected hidden person that only me and God can see on a continual base. God, He loves us all. I pray that this encouraged someone (Originally written 10-14-2014)

-Lisa IG: @d2dlife1

[originally written 10.14.2014]