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1. Why should I choose your business lab?

Suppose you are a person who struggles with self-discovery, acceptance, worth, and esteem. Then you've come to the right place! Once you discover my simple and proven process for finding ambition and awakening passion. You won't miss another opportunity to grow your business and strengthen your personal life. Not only that, you'll start gaining insight into your purpose. You will get tools that will lead to living a more extraordinary life of empowerment, faith, and purpose. -Lisa

2. Why did you choose D.A.R.E. 2 Dream as your name, and what does it stand for?

D.A.R.E. (Distinctive Attributes Requires Excellence) 2 Dream is a life skills program designed to activate, motivate and inspire others into reaching total fulfillment in life & business. Upon my Aunt's passing, one of the greatest lessons I learned from her is living your dream and not dying with it on the wall.

She passed, and she left a picture of her dream home. Although she was well on her way to receive it, breast cancer got the best of her before it manifested. The one of the only pieces of memorabilia that I took from her home was that picture of her dream that was left hanging on her bedroom wall. At that very moment, D.A.R.E 2 Dream was born. Sometimes our greatest pains are our hidden purposes.

CLICK here: Aunt Bennie.

CLICK here: Aunt Bennie #2

3. Do you take payment plans for your paid services?

My programs are adequately priced, and I will not offer payment plans. For some programs, there will be offerings of trial periods at a comfortable pricing point. You will gain instant access and will be liable for the remaining balance. More information will be addressed on an individual basis if need be. You are offered exclusivity to forums, and private communities, particularly for all mastermind courses.

4. TPM The Professional Mindset: Business 101 E-Course:

The course is a four-module educational training that utilizes simple and effective business tools and techniques to aid students ranging from start-ups to the intermediate levels of their business journey whose desire is sustainability and longevity.

5. Will you offer memberships?

Yes! I will offer different levels of memberships extending over varying levels of time. Some courses will begin at one month others will advance further. As the site grows, so will other amenities. Ensure that you are signed up to receive my newsletter, which will keep you informed on all upcoming events. -Lisa

6. Does the PMBL offer refunds?

No. My prices are reasonable, which affords me the option to offer valuable solutions and content at affordable prices while avoiding the possibility for refunds. Please visit: REFUNDS for more information. Thank you.

7. What do I do if I did not receive my product download?

Please contact The PMBL immediately for a quick and speedy resolution. You can contact The PMBL here: PMBL

8. How long will I have access to my product?

You will receive an instantly downloadable link that is valid lifetime access. Additionally, my products are designed for safe storage in all personal or business cloud-based platforms. In every case, after you download your product, it allows you to have unlimited access to your product.

9. Is my payment information stored on your server?

No. The PMBL does not store your personal financial information. Your payments are safely handled by creditable third-party payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal. And you will never receive an unusual or unauthorized charge on your chosen payment method from the PMBL or

10. Does The PMBL offer FREEBIES or referral incentives?

No. The PMBL invites you to view our free lead generation products. You are invited to follow us on our public social media pages, where there is an affluent amount of free business keys and tips. We would love to be a part of your business journey.

11. Does The PMBL offer trials?

No. Currently, The PMBL does not offer free or paid trails for the products or services.

12. Do I have to install any software?

No. Our customized products do not require any previously downloaded software to utilize and obtain your purchase. Feel free to open and use immediately.

13. Are there any contractual obligations after my purchase?

No. There are not any long-term contacts or commitments. You are free to purchase as much or as little as your heart desires.

14. Do I own my PMBL product?

No. You own your purchase according to the personal use only rights. You may not sell the products through auction sites, dime sales/firesales etc. You may not give away or sell resell the product in its original or an altered form. These terms are subject to change. It is your responsibility to check the current Terms before you use this product/program/content in any way. You may not give away or sell our content after purchasing from The PMBL – if you your desire is to refer, your referral of future purchasers to our website are greatly appreciated.

15. Who owns the data / content / subscribers

I am Lisa Nobles owns all content and data. and The PMBL offer business tools and resources for YOU to deliver YOUR content while aiding in goal obtainment!

My goal is to build a long and lasting professional relationship between the company and its ideal customer base for years to come.

-Lisa Nobles

IG: @d2dlife1